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How we help

Happy Girls Project's mission is to support the education of girls and women in Uganda. We do that by fighting against period poverty as well as by raising awareness about gender-based violence and sexual harrasment.


Our organization provides menstrual health education, access to menstrual hygiene products, and supports sustainable menstrual hygiene management practices. We want to increase access to menstrual hygiene products and destigmatize menstruation in Uganda. We also fight for a safer future for our girls, which is why we provide schools with workshops on gender-based violence. We fight to raise our girls and boys into respectful relationships.  

More recently, we have started working on a social entreprise to support Happy Girls Project. We are creating the very first community-based tourism center led by women in Uganda, to support women who want to study and work in the tourism industry.


All of that with the same goal: empowering Ugandan girls and women. 



Menstrual and reproductive health workshops

To close the gap that is the result of period poverty, we run menstrual and reproductive health educational workshops in schools that include handing out menstrual hygiene kits (reusable pads, disposable pads, underwear, soap, bucket).


Reusable pad-making workshops

We run pad-making workshops to teach all genders to sew pads. We want to make our communities independant by teaching them valuable skills that they can use to their benefit or teach to other members of their communities, hence creating a humain chain of empowered and skilled people. 


Gender-based violence workshops

Through educational workshops, we build awareness on gender marginalization and promote respectful relationships as we continue to support and empower women and girls to lead safe, successful and happy lives here in Uganda.


Social enterprise: Happy Girls Travels

More recently, to ensure sustainability, we initiated Happy Girls Travels, a community-based tourism center led by women. with the aim to increase women's participation in the tourism industry in Uganda. Profits generated by Happy Girls Travels are reinvested in Happy Girls Project.

Menstrual and reproductive health workshops

We run workshops that educate entire schools, community groups and professionals about menstruations and reproductive health. We also educate our community about the prevention, treatment, and risk of contracting STIs.

At the end of each menstrual workshop, we hand out menstrual hygiene kits to girls (that contain three reusable pads, disposable pads, underwear, soap and bucket). 

We hire local women tailors to handmake our reusable pads. They are paid an above-board wage to sustain their families. 


Reusable pad-making workshops

We teach community members how to make pads using simple hand-sewing techniques and mimicking resources which would be accessible to them, so they can easily replicate it.

We are working towards making the communities become self-sufficient rather than just handing out health kits, thus relying on a system that relies on constant donations. This was evident during the pandemic: when supply chains shut down, our impact endured, and we were still able to see success. 

Gender-based violence workshops in schools

To protect our girls and women from sexual abuse and violence, we have implemented educational programs for boys and girls that promote respectful relationships and prevent gender-based violence.

We also facilitate a safe space for girls and women to discuss the hardships they are enduring. Creating a safe space to speak about such taboo and culturally ingrained subjects can be dangerous, so safety is essential. We have become well-known and are trusted amongst the community. From a place of safety, people are more willing to learn. 

We collaborate with social and sexual health educators in building customized curriculum for local schools.


Join Us in Ending Period Poverty and Gender-Based Violence in Uganda

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