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Happy Girls Travels
Empowering women through tourism


Happy Girls Project' social enterprise

01 - Introducing Happy Girls Travels

Happy Girls Travels is the brand-new social entreprise we are working on. Ensuring financial sustainability is paramount to our mission. We asked ourselves a crucial question: How could we secure a steady income while staying true to our goal of empowering Ugandan women?The answer led us to an innovative concept: the creation of a community-based tourism center led by women. Our primary aim is to actively increase women's participation in the flourishing tourism industry of Uganda.

02 -Innovative Sustainability Approach

Happy Girls Travel will offer a traineeship program for Ugandan women to become tour guides, car drivers, boat drivers or motorbike drivers, generating income for them and directing proceeds to Happy Girls Project. Since more and more ethical tour groups in Uganda are searching to empower women in the tourism workforce, this is our opportunity to help! The profits from Happy Girls Travels are reinvested into Happy Girls Project.Profits. Et voila!

03 - Our vision: Transforming Uganda's Tourism Industry

Our short-term goal is to build a solid network of women in the tourism industry in Uganda. This will help us design customized tour itiniraries for tourists who wish to visit Uganda while supporting a good cause (or several in this case), engaging with women drivers, tour guides, rangers and lodge owners. Our 5-year goal is to be able to support women entrepreneurs (through loans, mentoring, etc.) and women who wish to aquire vehicles of their own to get an income out of it (through loans).

04 - Our Roadmap to Success - The Happy Girls Travels Strategy

Of course, the success of Happy Girls Travels will not happen overnight - it will take time and hard work! We are starting by leveraging the popularity of Lake Bunyonyi, a renowned tourist destination. The goal is to build a solid network of women in the tourism industry all over Uganda!Through 'Happy Girls Travels, tourists will be able to participate in activities like pad-making with local women, savor traditional cuisine, and hear stories of life as Ugandan women—an engaging cultural experience. Women gathering to do crafts and storytelling is a deep cultural practice that our community particularly enjoys.

05 - Join Us in Empowering Women through Tourism

Now, how can you help us in achieving our goals? It's no secret that word-of-mouth is key in a project like this one. So, if you are planning to travel to Uganda or if you know people who are, trust Happy Girls Travels to make your experience authentic and unforgettable! Below, you will find portraits of proud women working in the tourism industry in Uganda, they could be part of your next adventure!

Meet Happy Girls Travels Ambassadors

Our Mission

Meet Harriet Vivian
Your Ranger Guide in Murchinson Falls

"Hello, I'm Harriet Vivian, and I'm thrilled to be your dedicated ranger at Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda.

My journey into the world of wildlife and conservation is a unique one. I initially began my career as a social worker, driven by a deep desire to make a positive impact in people's lives. After a few years, I felt a calling towards a different path - one that led me to the tourism industry. It was a retraining journey that opened up a world of breathtaking experiences and unforgettable encounters.

In addition to my work in conservation, I proudly wear the hat of a mom to two wonderful children. They are my biggest source of inspiration. I cherish the time we spend exploring the wonders of nature together, instilling in them a love for the environment.

Being a ranger combines my passions perfectly. I get to immerse myself in the beauty of nature, all while having the privilege of meeting incredible travelers like you. I'm a social person, and I genuinely enjoy every moment spent sharing the marvels of our national park and learning from fellow adventurers.

With eight years of experience as a ranger, I'm well-versed in the intricacies of our beloved Murchison Falls National Park. I'm excited to embark on this journey with you, exploring the untamed beauty of Uganda and creating memories that will last a lifetime."


Meet Scodious
Your East African Tour Guide

"Hello, I'm Scodious Arinawe, and I hail from the vibrant heart of Africa, Uganda. I'm proud to introduce myself as an experienced female tour guide in East Africa.

My journey into tourism was driven by a deep passion for helping others and a profound love for cultural diversity. Through tourism, I've embarked on an incredible adventure, embracing life's rich tapestry and connecting with people from across the globe. These encounters have been invaluable, offering me unique insights and life lessons.

One of my most cherished aspects of this career is the opportunity to make a difference. Through tourism, I've been able to support underprivileged children, helping them access education. I'm particularly passionate about encouraging them to explore the world, experience diverse cultures, and gain life skills for self-sufficiency.

I'm proud to be a professional tour guide based in East Africa, and I'm dedicated to promoting tourism, both within Uganda and beyond.

With over six years of experience in the tourism industry, I've had the privilege of guiding guests from various countries, including Uganda and destinations abroad. These experiences have enriched my knowledge and skills, allowing me to provide exceptional service to travelers like you.

I look forward to sharing the wonders of East Africa with you and creating unforgettable memories together."

Join Us in Empowering Ugandan Women and Girls

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